The Hugs program is 100% a tribute to Eduardo Galeano's book The Book of Embraces.

The book is composed of fragments, short stories (sometimes only a few lines) grouped under different themes: language and words, the human voice, readers, children, dreams, fear, forgetfulness, nighttime, culture, art, etc. This is precisely the purpose of the program: promoting community awareness and initiatives through various workshops on different themes.

Spain and India work together to develop our activities and we will soon include other countries and cultures.

The workshops serve two purposes: Raising awareness and providing training for both professionals and people generally interested in international cooperation.

We are currently conducting a traveling workshop for Health Education and Sex Education in Calcutta. The participants are women and girls, mainly those engaged in prostitution.

In Spain our training workshops focus on international cooperation and awareness through daylong educational seminars regarding humanitarian aid basics and international cooperation. These take place in various locations throughout Spain. To learn more about the workshops, please contact us at coordinaciĆ³

Galeano spoke of many types of hugs and this program is one of them: a hug to merge education, emotions and culture.

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