La Pecera came about from the idea of promoting community development through social participation, involving the affected groups in their own development, making it an agent of social change. And in order for this individual and collective transformation to take place, we created a community space where everyone's voices are heard.

For Lights of Hope, it is essential to create a space where children and adults can socialize, learn and play, live together and grow. So in the evening, our school is transformed into a space for leisure and community participation

This is an area of community-based socializing and learning. Becoming a part of the neighborhood was done with the intention of entering into its daily reality and going from there. For Lights of Hope, The Fishbowl is a venture still getting on its feet. It was designed, imagined and dreamed about. A place where young people, children and adults can live fully and express all of their curiosity and enthusiasm.

Among the programs that are provided are the play center, where every Friday we open its doors for our children to participate in learning and leisure activities such as gardening workshops and visual arts classes. The kids also have dance classes taught by the dancer Sujit. It's a real treat!

In addition, in 2012 the Málaga city council awarded us a grant which we are using to bolster all of the activities at The Fishbowl.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are after school classes for remedial teaching and educational support for children with learning difficulties. This also provides an alternative for those who do not attend school regularly. Saturday evenings we show a movie from our film library. We select films which will make you think and cause the viewers to reflect. There are also English and computer classes for adults, mainly our teachers.

Our Chalkboard Project is also developing at The Fishbowl. The program is designed to strengthen the teaching skills of the educators teaching at the Little Prince School and provide them with support.

After starting the first project (Digital Pencils), the Lights of Hope team found deficiencies in the training of teachers and of voluntary helpers. Although everyone had been involved in the development of our first program, we all noticed that emphasizing the various abilities our teachers possessed and filling in the gaps was necessary. We wanted to focus on a more participatory and fun education, and following the principles of popular education where the teacher is the one who develops their learning from their daily reality. The aim is to enable educators to promote the comprehensive education of boys and girls.

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