“School is the place where you make friends; it's not just buildings, classrooms, halls, blackboards, programs, schedules, or concepts. School is above all, people; people who are working, studying, being enlivened, getting to know each other, appreciating each other. People like the principal, the coordinators, the teachers, the students, the workers. And the school will get better and better when everyone acts like classmate, a brother, a friend. No one is alone when they are surrounded on all sides. People cannot live together without friendships developing. No being like a brick, forming wall and being indifferent, cold, alone. In school it's important not only to study, not only to work, but to also create friendships, to create an atmosphere of camaraderie, to live together, to come together. It makes sense that in a school like this it would be easy to study, to work, to grow, to make friends, to get an education, to be happy. ”. Paulo Freire


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