Vagamundos came into being as a result of experiences volunteering in different countries and our desire to share our experiences with other dreamers. Vagamundos are volunteers who decide to share a bit of their lives with us in India. The volunteers are committed to our activities and to Indian society and culture. It is, in short, a professional, cultural and emotional exchange that enriches us as individuals and as a whole.

We select volunteers connected to the fields of social education, the arts, occupational therapy, body expression and movement, music, psychology, environmental education programs, health education programs, and new technologies. Above all, we choose people who have something to express and who want to motivate and assist.


Many people have participated in our program in one way or another. We would like to give special thanks to Eva, Antonio, Elisa, Ana, Javi, Ana Paula, Sandra, Chris, Conchi, Charles, Agnes and Silvia among others.

Every year we select volunteers according to our needs as well as when Lara is in India. You can follow selection process updates on our Facebook page and on

In 2010 a group of volunteers supported Digital Pencils, energizing classes and contributing to the rehabilitation of our Little Prince School. And in 2011 we conducted medical and psychosocial camp with the help of health professionals doing checkups and social educators putting on hygiene workshops.

We support all of your ideas and are ready and willing to help you bring them to fruition. We can understand the world by sharing experiences and working from the reality around us. Because the journey has already begun.

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