To all of our associates and those who have collaborated; they trust us and support us with everything they have.

To Calcutta Social Project ( and Arjun Dutta for being there from the beginning.

To Seed ( for giving us the chance to build the School of Principitos.

To the Santragrachi community, where School of Principitos is now more than a school, a place full of dreams and hope.

To all the teachers and staff in Calcutta; they are our voice and hands in India.

To our Santragrachi in India and Spain, their altruism and their love for our project make everything possible.

To Isuko and Adriana ( for that wonderful encounter in Kolkata's Raj Café,: words, generosity and creativity became the new image of Lights of Hope.

To J.A. Coolture, María Victoria Ramírez, Daniel M Vega, for their creativity.

To Roberto Pérez Toledo, for the encouragement and the support in this dream.

To Reme and her colleagues, for supporting us and for creating emotions in the shape of jewellery.

To Isadora Molina, for her art and wonderful photographs.

To Alejandro Rico, for his way of looking and his beautiful pictures; for the drive and the encouragement when there was no house and "no roof".

To the media companies that stands for the social journalism, and which always make room for our stories and experiences.

To "Locos de la colina", "Los niños de Topsia", "Mundos Unidos", Responsability Charity" and "Crezer", as well as to other organisations who teach us with their work and share our love for India.

To Cristina and the Chai Association for making the for Little Prince School even more wonderful.

To Silvia and the Vitaldent Foundation for giving us hundreds of toothbrushes which will be used to in our continuing health and hygiene workshops.

To the Málaga City Council for believing in us. Their contribution turned "The Fishbowl" into a real social hub in Santragrachi.

To Hemley y Responsible Charity for their altruism and their love for our project make everything possible in special Breakfast project.

To Necsia Consulting.

To MRW del Rincón de la Victoria for collaborating when we whave to send a packet.

To Nutricón Médica for supporting us in our projects.

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