In the spring of 2009 our colleague Lara participated in an international cooperation project with the Crezer Association in Chunabhatti (Calcutta). It was a group home full of children and lots of love. Spending time with the kids, being a part of the community, being surrounded by the culture, intermingling with others, and being truly involved over a period of months taught her a very special way of understanding how cooperation works in India. During her stay she also visited new projects in hopes of enhancing her knowledge, learning about other initiatives and participating in them. One of them was in Sunderbands, where after Hurricane Aila she and other volunteers helped supply the local community with basic foodstuffs. In a flash of inspiration it came to her: she had to organize a small project from the beginning, nurture it, and continue to work on it after it had been realized. This, coupled with the the idea that if you decide to go after your dreams they find a way of coming to you, was how we came about.

Visits from friends and family members like Ceci, Sofia, Antonio and Alex propelled the idea forward and helped it to grow. Now it had gotten a little bit bigger and while working and dreaming of new projects she met Santosh Nayak. Santosh wholeheartedly helps her with the implementation and prior needs analysis of any and all projects.

A wonderful night at the Puja festival put the Calcutta Social Project and Tapa Das on her path and the real adventure began. Literacy was the mission, to learn and to grow; all of the ingredients were now ready. Our first project, "Digital Pencils", was born.

In the meanwhile the association had to be organized in Spain, registered, seek funding and find people excited about the project. From the beginning she was accompanied by her friend and fellow adventurer Sofia and Sofia's brother Francis, both of whom had been engaged in social movements for years and who had expanded their involvement with this visit to India.

The union of these three makes Lights of Hope possible, with each individual working in a specialized area and and always rowing in the same direction. This makes the individuals in the organization work together as a singular whole.

We count on the daily support of many people, including Reme, Adeli, Ana, Antonio, Elisa, Eva, Alex, Susan, Mavi, and Alicia among others. They are part of the essence of this adventure.

Thus Lights of Hope was born, thanks to this group of idealistic dreamers from various fields that decided to work in partnership and form a nonprofit devoted to cooperation and development both nationally and internationally in the most deprived areas.

This exciting initiative is made possible by volunteerism and altruism. We have no links to political or religious ideologies and base our principles on the idea of promoting local development and personal autonomy as well as investing in the development of the individual and the community.

Lights of Hope is made up of those who trust us and who support us with all of the means at their disposal. The Board is made up some of the founding partners, committed to their position and responsibilities on a completely voluntary basis. In addition to working as a partner and collaborating, everyone is welcome to propose new projects and participate in all of our initiatives.

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