At Lights of Hope we believe in the power of people's actions. Therefore, we invite socially committed companies to promote the projects we undertake. How can you contribute?

  • Financing projects: Your company can contribute to the development projects that we undertake at Lights of Hope. With your donation or regular contribution, follow us working for a more just world. We'll keep you informed of how the project you helped financed is coming along through technical reports, economic reports and photographs.

    If you prefer, you can also use PayPal. The fast and secure way to pay online.

  • Services: You can collaborate with Lights of Hope by providing free services: printing, translation, web advertising, etc. If you think your company can offer support within the framework of a specific event, please contact us.

  • Cause-related marketing: Your company can help us spread word of our activities by displaying informational brochures at your workplace, which enables people who may be interested in getting involved to get to know us better.

    You could also organize events to raise funds for Lights of Hope. If you like, you can host the Lights of Hope photography exhibition by photographer Alejandro Rico. The exhibition gives the visitors a close-up look at day to day Indian society.

    Partnering with our organization identifies your brand with the values of solidarity, responsibility, commitment, and progress. This projects a positive image of your company and differentiates you from other companies, which improves your position among customers and potential customers.

    In addition, everyone in your company can be involved in a charity project, which can help increase employee motivation.

    If you want to help in another way or need more information, please contact our Marketing and Communications department.

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